Modern Fireplaces

Our Modern Fireplaces.

We have the best selection of Modern fireplaces available in maynooth fireplaces and stoves. Quality materials are always used during the manufacture of any of our Modern fireplaces. Installations are supplied and carried out by our experienced team of installation experts. To get your own quality fireplace, contact us today! Or you can visit us in the shop where we will be more than happy to anwser any questions that arise.

Bromptonagean modern fireplaces maynooth


Our award winning Bromptonagean fireplace is a modern and stylish work of art created by our design team located in maynooth fireplaces & stoves store in Dublin, Ireland. VIEW PRODUCT

hannover modern fireplaces maynooth


The Hannover is a beautiful square shaped fireplace that will brighten up any home instantly. This Modern fireplace was done with special care, being nice, slick and compact. VIEW PRODUCT

nantucket modern fireplaces maynooth


Nantucket is a beautiful design. It is square shaped and does not use any space in your home. There is a shelf on top of the fireplace to place your household items on. VIEW PRODUCT

naxos modern fireplace


A soft scalloped modern style fireplace in limestone, this beautiful surround sets off any interior with it’s beautiful corbel ornamentation. Get yours in store today! VIEW PRODUCT

wexford fireplace


Traditional Wexfords fireplace. This is a modern fireplace design which suits any type of interior décor and will keep you warm on a cold Wexford night during winter. VIEW PRODUCT