Inset Stoves

Our Inset Stoves.

We have the best selection of Inset Stoves available at Maynooth Fireplaces and Stoves. Quality materials are always used during the manufacture of any of our Inset Stoves. Installations are carried out by our experienced team of installation experts. To get your own attractive Inset  Stove, contact us today! Or you can visit us in the showroom located on the edge of Maynooth, Co Kildare, where we will be more than happy to answer any questions that arise.

vitae cassette inset stove

Mid-wall Cassette

This Cassete is a 9kW inset stove. It has a modern looking design with a nice black touch. The Frame is square shaped which is a perfect to fit into any type of home. VIEW PRODUCT

clermont inset stove


Our Beautiful inset stove is a stunning piece of work, its elegant design makes it a joy just to look at. We have many stoves in our showroom VIEW PRODUCT

crete inset stove


Our creative inset stove is a big seller here at Maynooth Fireplaces and Stoves, this creative inset stove is a wonderful work of art, which has a antique looking door handle. VIEW PRODUCT

fireline woodtex inset stove

Wide Front Glass

This inset stove is made with love and joy. Its sleek design includes a large modern glass protection door which has a metal frame. This stove has a beautiful handle with it. VIEW PRODUCT

generic inset stove

Inset Stove

This is the Generic Inset Stove that we supply at Maynooth Fireplaces and Stoves. Its design is nice and simple, sometimes nice and simple is something that you really want. VIEW PRODUCT

causeway inset stove

Award winning

Our award winning inset stove is the ultimate deal breaker, its beautiful black metal frame makes your home have a special look, you wont go wrong with this inset stove! VIEW PRODUCT

Jewel in the Crown

One of our most popular stoves set in an Italian inspired classic fireplace. This stove will heat all regular front rooms with minimal fuel. VIEW PRODUCT

Precision with Elegance

We offer an Elegant classic inset stove, ready to make your evening cosy and warm. Pick your inset stove in the showroom today. VIEW PRODUCT

Modern and Luxurious

The modern inset stove is a flexible choice for a period or modern setting. Come into our showroom in Celbridge, Co. Kildare today VIEW PRODUCT