Free Standing Stoves

Our Free Standing Stoves.

We have a wide range of free standing stoves at Maynooth Fireplaces and Stoves. Sturdy and long-lasting metals are always used during the creation of any of our free standing stoves. Installations are carried out by our experienced team. To get your own gorgeous free standing stove, contact us today! Or you can visit us in the showroom in the M4 Interchange Business Park, Celbridge, Ireland, where we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

uniq free standing stove

Standing proud

The round and beautiful stove is a stylish and well balanced free standing stove, which has a rounded shape that stands out from the ordinary typical free standing stoves you usually see. VIEW PRODUCT

somerton free standing stove

Tall Perfect Corner Stove

This free standing stove is one of our Maynooth Fireplaces and Stoves favorites, it features a multi-point locking system to ensure a tight air fit.


seattle free standing stove

Inspired Abroad

This range of stoves are perfectly designed to be small and compact. This free standing stove will not disappoint you in being an effective wood burner, and heating your home. VIEW PRODUCT

olive free standing stove


The Classic is perfectly balanced mini square design which will fit into your fireplace area. It will ensure you get all the heat necessary while keeping it nice and compact.


luxor free standing stove


Our Luxurious design is elegantly made by our design professionals with an exquisite from glass. This free standing stove includes a stunning heat proof wooden door handle, that stands out from the rest. VIEW PRODUCT

kansas free standing stove

Another Classic

Our free-standing stove is a lovely model which has a perfectly balanced airflow system. There is a airflow inlet hatch at the bottom which fits into the look of the stove.


denver free standing stove

Free standing Inside

Our free-standing Inside range is perfectly made to fit inside of any small area, it has a lovely design which has two circular air inlet valves at the bottom of the unit. VIEW PRODUCT

churchhill free standing stove

Stand Proud

How wonderful this looks in any room. This free standing stove has a lovely rounded shape that looks modern and will be a wonderful focal point in your home. VIEW PRODUCT

cairo free standing stove

Class Act

The free standing stove is another well designed stove that will make your living room into an attractive place to visit. Its well designed with a tight air lock system. VIEW PRODUCT